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Charlotte D'Aigle

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About Charlotte D’Aigle:
Why do I paint, day after day, loving it, despairing of it, reveling in colors like so many garden flowers?

I guess I love all paintings. Each one seems a small world, created in the mind and by the hand, of an individual. 

I enter each world and see with different eyes, with new vision. This expands me, teaches me. 

This makes me want to paint my own.

Another vexing question: why landscape. I can’t help noticing it’s beautiful out there. There’s just no end to the subject matter.

And another: why abstracts? Such a challenge, melding freedom with discipline. Using the elements of painting: shape, line, value and color, without reference to what’s “out there” but rather what’s “in here.”

This state of affairs, this love of painting, has gone on since the 1990s. I credit great teachers — Jim Smyth, Jakki Kouffman, Noel Hudson and others — with adding street smarts to my visions.

Follow me down the winding path and I’ll show you my little worlds. Thanks for looking!

—Charlotte D’Aigle